Expedia Team, em January 1, 1970

google maps embed test


To embed a map, center the Google map to exactly the spot you want to showcase. Then, in the toggle menu, choose to embed the map. Copy the <iframe> code. Come back to WordPress, and switch from the “Visual” to the “Text” editor. Paste the <iframe> code where you want the map to appear. Within the code, change the “width” to 672 and the “height” to 300.

If you embed a map on which you had typed in a place, this location box in the top left of the map will appear (ew)


  1. First thing to list
  2. Second thing to list
  3. Third thing to list



If you embed a map simply by finding the location, but ensure that nothing is entered into the search box in google maps, then the embed will look like this (yay!)


  • First thing to list
  • Second thing to list
  • Third thing to list